Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Making Good Mud Truck Videos Is A Dirty Job

The extreme sport of extreme mud trucking got its start in North Louisiana during the decade of the '70s. It spread to the neighboring states of Alabama, Arkansas, Texas and Mississippi before dying out for a bit during the '80s. It had a rebirth around the turn of the 21st Century and captured a new generation of participants and fans. Mud truck videos preserve happy memories and provide a means of evaluating performance of drivers and vehicles.

Also known as mud bogging, mud drags, mud running or, simply, mudding, the race takes place over a mud pit of predetermined length. The sport is regulated by the American Mud Racing Association (AMRA) and the National Mud Racing Organization(NMRO). There is even a professional wing of the sport.

A farm is a perfect venue for a mudding track. There is plenty of land that is readily irrigated in the absence of rainy weather. The NMRO and the AMRA both liaise closely with track owners like farmers to develop close relationships and ensure the venues are suitable.

The trucks that take part in races are pick-ups or suburban utility vehicles (SUVs). They have modified suspensions and gigantic, oversized tires. Non-stock engines are powered by superchargers or nitrous injection. A newer, lower, dragster-type design has grown in popularity.

Vehicles are divided into different classes depending on their type of tires and engine modifications. They are also classified based on whether or not they are powered with superchargers or nitrous injection. There are common rules for all classes and specific rules within each class.

Mudding is serious business, serious fun and serious sport. Mud truck videos are used to monitor performance of drivers and vehicles and to capture crazy memories. Posted on the internet, they also promote the sport of mudding.

It does not matter what the race is called mud trucks videos are exciting to watch. The next time you go out mud boggin with friends take a video camera and capture the action.

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